Central Mountain

The Tourism Consortium of the Central Mountain of the Principality of Asturias entrusted us with the design of a touring exhibition to convey the cultural values of its territory. We responded with an interactive installation, with a length of 9 m, a height of 3.50 m and a depth of 5 m, featuring 3 tactile screens to give visitors an interactive experience in an immersive space.

Designing an interactive experience in an immersive space to share, with visitors, the poetry of a land between the sea and the mountain.
An installation with backlighting towards the outside, using the same colours as the visuals projected inside, on touchscreens.
It is possible to access the general audiovisual contents by walking through the inside portion and specific content can be accessed through the touchscreens. An interactive creation that triggers audiovisual content according to the position of persons within the space and the number of visitors.